Ontinyent (València) – 1962

ATTENTION: The english translation of this web page does not correspond completely to the versions in Spanish and valencià

As a self-taught photographer I started taking photos at the age of 14 although it wasn’t until I reached 22 that I made the decision to make photography part of my life.

Until 1993 my photographic output had been almost completely produced for competitions, gaining prizes and grants at both state and international level.
In 1994, I abandoned competing and focused myself on exhibiting my work throughout Spain, Europe and various Asian countries, as well as collaborating with a variety of photographic projects, artistic collectives and audio-visual montages.
At present, I devote myself completely to photography, spending time between teaching, fashion, advertising and exhibition of my photographic work, both in galleries and in audio-visual projects.


ALFORÍNS-1986 – A collection of photographs of the landscape and poetry in the region of Fontanars dels Alforins (Valencia). LIMITED EDITION FOLDERS WITH ORIGINALS.
DE LA FORÇA, LA TENDRESA (FROM STRENGTH, TENDERNESS) (1992-1994) – A collection of photographs of the sea and water. A project made using technical-chemical manipulation to give a more poetic feel to the piece. CATOLOGUE EDITION
VIURE ONTINYENT (1994) – Collection of photographs of my home town in black and white. Later edition of a large format book.
LA RODA DEL MÓN (THE WHEEL OF THE WORLD) (1997) – Project in black and white on “particular visions” of my travels. CATALOGUE EDITION.
LA LLUM DE L’OMBRA (THE LIGHT OF THE SHADOW) (1997) – Project on the human body and personal landscape using alternative methods of photography. CATALOGUE EDITION
LA CASA DE LA CARIDAD (1998) – Project in black and white on coexistence at the Casa de Caridad in Valencia. Commissioned and exhibited by IVAM (Contemporary Art Institute of Valencia). CATALOGUE EDITION.
PRIVATE CIRCUMSTANCES (1999) – Collection of black and white portraits of friends and acquaintances.
LA PELL DEL TERRITORI (THE SKIN OF THE TERRITORY) – (1999) – Work in black and white on people and places in the central areas of the Valencian Community (my territory). Commissioned by the University of Valencia for an exhibition on “The Valencian Territory” in Gandia and later toured. CATALOGUE EDITION.
(L’ESPAI NET DE L’ÀNIMA) (THE CLEAN SPACE OF THE SOUL) (2000) – Project in black and white on the naked human form using large spaces where the human body becomes insignificant.
FI DE MILENNI (END OF THE MILLENIUM) (2000) – Book of original graphic work made by the ZONA FRANCA collective, of which I am a member, comprised of an edition of 99 copies with an original work in each of the books.
EL SEGON ESPAI (THE SECOND SPACE) (2001) – Extension of the project “El espacio limpio del alma” (“The clean place of the soul”) but made using alternative methods of photography.
480 (2002) – Exhibition and audiovisual work through my four favorite photographic mediums: portrait, nude, landscape and flower portrait. The collection made to celebrate my 40th year. This work was published in a folder with a limited edition of 40 copies including original photography and a collectable book containing the complete literary texts in the exhibition. There were also two audio-visuals featuring all the photographs in the exhibition (120) accompanied by live piano and cello music.
SENTIR (2004) – A selection of images of my most intimate work on the Mediterranean for the exhibition “Le Mois de la Photo” at the Instituto Cervantes in Paris. CATALOGUE EDITION.
DE NERUDA A BUKOWSKY (FROM NERUDA TO BUKOWSKY)(2005) – A study of the human body based on the nude female form reflecting the journey from realism to abstraction. (Some images from previous collections have been used in this project).


GERMANS DE MAR (BROTHERS OF SEA) – Audio-visual project of a particularly Mediterranean vision. This work accompanied the Romanian warship “CONSTANZA” as part of project ‘Odyssey 2003’ with a number of other artists, throughout her Mediterranean voyage (18 ports). The audio-visual images consisted of about 1500 still images and live music by the French techno-rock group ATOMIC MUSIQUE LEDA. Among other venues, the piece was performed at the port of Valencia, on June 20, 2003.
BERTA PARA BERTA (BERTA FOR BERTA) – New audio-visual concept presented in the Jornadas de Guardamar, May 2004. The script deals with the perceptions of a pre-adolescent girl on the comings and goings of the world around her.
ODISEA 2003, UNA MIRADA ÍNTIMA (ODYSEE 2003, AN INTIMATE VIEW) – Audio-visual presented in Marseille in May 2004 with images taken during the voyage of ODISEA 2003. Also presented at the Alcorcón film festival “MADRID SUR, CINE POR LA PAZ” (“SOUTH MADRID, CINEMA FOR PEACE”’, with the participation of Spanish film directors and actors.
ODISÉE 2003. CONCERT DE IMAGES (ODYSEE 2003, CONCERT OF IMAGES) –  A series of audio-visuals accompanied by live music from the group LEDA ATÓMICA MUSIQUE in various places in Provence, France, including Marseille. These audio-visuals are linked to my photographs of the Mediterranean in its broadest form.
PAISATGES IDÍL·LICS (IDYLLIC LANDSCAPES) (2005). An ironically loaded audio-visual on the lack of educational awareness in our society. Produced for viewing in 3D with special glasses.
Inspired by the exhibition of the same name but using different images, this 55 minute film was created with music composed and performed live by Marta Espinós.


ONTINYENT, ARA FA CENT ANYS (ONTINYENT, NOW ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO) (2004) – Commissioned and produced for an exhibition of old photographs of the city of Ontinyent to commemorate the centenary of being made a “city”. This collection is made up of photos from 1880 to 1920 of distinct social groups, architectural views of the city, popular festivals and many more taken throughout the community including images of rural life as well as the bougousie and their mansions. CATALOGUE EDITION.
FOTOGRAFÍA EN LA VALL D’ALBAIDA, UN PASEO POR LA MEMORIA GRÁFICA (PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE ALBAIDA VALLEY, A VISUAL RETROSPECTIVE)(2004) – Commissioned and produced for the exhibition of old photographs of various villages in the Albaida Valley to celebrate the conclusion of the Second Congress of the ‘Institut d’ Estudis de la Vall d’Albaida.’ CATALOGUE EDITION
CALLOSA D’EN SARRIA, MEMORIA Y MEMORIAS DE MI PUEBLO (CALLOSA D’EN SARRIA, RECOLLECTIONS OF MY VILLAGE)(2004) – Commissioned and produced for the exhibition of the photography of Francisco Galiana, with images of the coronation of the Patron of Callosa d’en Sarrià in 1954. CATALOGUE EDITION AND DVD WITH A LARGE AUDIO-VISUAL.
UN VIAJE POR LA MARINA BAIXA (A VOYAGE TO LA MARINA BAIXA) (2005) – Commissioned and produced for the exhibition and catalogue of Francisco Galiana featuring images of the Alicantan region “La Marina Baixa”. CATALOGUE EDITION.


Just a mention for some of the public institutions that have acquired works of mine (excluding private collections).

Instituto de la Juventud, Madrid
Museo Español de Arte Contemporáneo
Conselleria de Cultura, Comunitat Valenciana
Conselleria de Medi Ambient, Comunitat Valenciana
Fondo Museo fotografía, Ayuntamiento de Córdoba
Fototeca de Reus
Agrupació Fotogràfica Riga (Letònia)
Fondo para la imagen y fotografía (l’Havana, Cuba)
Fototeca de Zarautz (Guipúscoa)
Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM)
Artium – Centro-Museo Vasco Arte Contemporaneo Victoria Gasteiz
Galeria “Madelein At Home”, galeria d’Illinois, EUA
Ajuntament de Burjassot
Ajuntament d’Ontinyent
Ajuntament de Sueca
Ajuntament de Gandia
Ajuntament de Picassent
Ajuntament de Muro